10cc “I’m Not in Love” covered by Gloritone

So I have this cool page-a-day calendar next to my computer that my good friends Jay and Carrie got for me as part of a birthday gift last year. This one is the 365 Tunes Calendar, which is basically what it says: a song for each day of the year.

This past Wednesday’s entry was for 10cc’s I’m Not in Love, and it reminded me of a great cover by former Tempe, Ariz., band Gloritone, which for a while seemed on the verge of really breaking out after the release of its debut Cup Runneth Over, released on the former RCA subsidiary Kneeling Elephant. But that’s a story for another day.

The author of the calendar, Michaelangelo Matos, a music critic who I just discovered has a blog, puts it ever so succinctly and correctly: “A cushion of sound with a shockingly hard center: The guy’s a total dog but the music exposes every word as a lie.”

Aside from the Postal Service reviving Against All Odds as a broken-hearted anthem for the modern indie sap (though I don’t envision Ben Gibbard struggling with love much these days), I can’t think of a better choice for a cover filled with emotional denial.

Gloritone (perhaps making a comeback?) pushes the issue with Tim Anthonise’s strained vocals, and the up-tempo pace stirring a stronger sense of urgency than the original.

10cc | I’m Not in Love
Gloritone | I’m Not in Love
(from the album Fainter Farther Still. Recommended.)

(Thanks to Last Sound of Summer, who had the original posted.)

2 thoughts on “10cc “I’m Not in Love” covered by Gloritone”

  1. ha ha! great cover (which, of course, i’ve never heard). thnx

    always loved the orig 10cc song. which i always felt was waaay ahead of its time in terms of the moody electronica sound — parts of which are not all that terribly far off from mid ’90s downtempo & trip hop when you think about it. Which is brought home by the fact that the Art of Noise’s seminal “Moments in Love” (’83) took so much from the 10cc classic.

  2. hey kevin, thanks for the mention – i’m a sucker for remakes- ‘specially modernized mid-70’s remakes… i’ll have a listen

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