A hip-hop x-mas / I&W/Calexico cover art

We hung Christmas lights on the homestead Wednesday night, and it’s starting to feel like the holidays. Hell, the weather is so chilly in Arizona I’m breaking out a sweatshirt!

Before I get to the Christmas tunes, loyal reader Katharine designed a CD cover for the Iron and Wine / Calexico set I posted from a few days ago. So if you burned a CD or just wanna drop it into your iTunes library, check it out here. It’s really cool. Thank you, Katharine!

Well, I’ve seen lots of Christmas tunes, but not too many on the hip-hop tip. Thought I’d rectify that with this post. So maybe the De La Soul track isn’t a typical cheery holiday tune, but it’s got a Christmas theme. And it’s a remix from a cassette single (cassingle?). We all are suckers for remixes. Cheers and happy holidays.

Run-DMC | Christmas in Hollis
Kurtis Blow | Christmas Rappin’ (from 45 vinyl single)
De La Soul | Millie Pulled a Pistol on Santa
De La Soul | Millie Pulled a Pistol on Santa (full mix)

11 thoughts on “A hip-hop x-mas / I&W/Calexico cover art”

  1. just so you know, christmas in hollis is one of my favorite christmas songs ever.

    i’m totally going to put this blog on my blogroll because of it.

    also, totally dig the calexico. very well done. 🙂

  2. you just know xmas is getting close when you break out Christmas in Hollis & Kurtis Blow’s Wrappin’ (too bad you never hear these in the mall/grocery store instead of the Waitresses over & over (which is a great song, but. . .)) But gotta say i’m ashamed that i’ve never heard the De La … so THANKS for that!

    p.s. re: the 1200MKII note in the post below — yeah, but what cartridge??

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