Sleepwalker was/is an Arizona-based trio that was more or less a side project of three very talented musicians: Jamal Ruhe (bass vocals); Darren Henley (drums); Jon Rauhouse (pedal steel, vocals).

Sleepwalker put out one album, The Man in the Moon, in 1998 on the Tempe-based Hayden’s Ferry label, which specializes mostly in Americana-type artists.

Each of the members is working on other projects (click their names), but Sleepwalker is coming together tonight at Modified in Phoenix to open for Freakwater, so this is the perfect time to feature some of the music.

It’s a minimal combination of steady rhythms and striking vocals, colored by one of my favorite instruments in the pedal steel, which gives the whole thing a mood and downcast temperament. (Quick FYI: Jon Rauhouse is a touring member of Neko Case’s band.) Really, the name is an excellent description of the music’s subtle style.

Sleepwalker | Out of Here
Sleepwalker | Dandelion
Sleepwalker | Shenandoah (traditional cover, see more info here)
Sleepwalker | Pony Bones

3 thoughts on “Sleepwalker”

  1. Thanks for the shoutout during the interview. I’m totally going to have to make a buisness card now that says:

    Goose: Music Blogger…and analrapist.

    Because really, who couldn’t use some analrapy?

  2. i remember in grade school singing “shenendoah”. over version was not near this good.

    thanks for bringing back the years…

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