An ’80s treat

Before I get to the music, I gotta give some love to Ryan, who took the time to post a Q&A with this clown.

So, last night, I hit Half-Price Books while the wife was browsing Target. A fair trade, I’d say. Anyway, they just bought a huge stash of 45s. Fifty cents apiece — gold mine! I got some gems, including M.C. Hammer Turn This Mutha Out, Michael Jackson Bad and Cheap Trick Don’t Be Cruel (with picture sleeve).

But, really, the greatest find of the evening was Tony Basil’s Mickey … (wait for it) .. IN SPANISH. I couldn’t wait any longer to share.

(For those who care, this is the turntable I’m using in my conversions.)

Toni Basil | Mickey

13 thoughts on “An ’80s treat”

  1. hahah, awesome.

    and if you’re going to use a turntable, that’s a great one to use.

    2 weeks ago i found a GREAT item. a Record VACCUM. it vaccums and buffs it while it spins. form the 70s, still in the box/wrapper. was great. $5

  2. In college, my redneck roommate found a $1 cassette copy of David Lee Roth’s “Eat ‘Em and Smile.” He was so, so, so happy to find an all-American rocker for so little cash. He put it into the stereo, cranked up the volume, and then let his jaw hit the ground when “Yankee Rose” started up in Spanish.

    From the look on his face, you’d have thought communists were having gay sex on the American flag.


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