Aloe Blacc + coolest kid ever: Loving You Is Killing Me (video)


Somehow, Aloe Blacc can sing about an oppressive relationship – as he does on Loving You Is Killing Me – and still make me smile. You can’t watch this video and not smile. It’s impossible.

In an update on the album version of the song – a little faster and a little tighter with a sprinkle of hand claps – Blacc finds himself in a bit of a dance-off with one of the coolest kids I’ve ever seen. And if there was any doubt about that, his name is Baby Boogaloo and he has a Twitter page, on which he says he loves to “pop, lock & breakdance.” Do your thing, Baby Boogaloo.

Watch the video and then pick up Blacc’s standout album Good Things, which would be on a list of my favorite albums of 2010, if I ever got around to writing such a post.

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