Miniature Tigers: Dark Tower on Yours

I can’t say Dark Tower is my favorite song on Miniature Tigers’ 2010 album Fortress – that distinction belongs to Rock N’ Roll Mountain Troll (which is even better live) – but it does seem like a perfect fit for the band’s performance for Yours Truly, which was unveiled earlier this month.

The song’s somber mood settles nicely into the chandelier-adorned atmosphere of a room at Kitsch Gallery in San Francisco. I’m also mildly curious about what movie/images are being projected on the wall behind the band, but I suppose that’s beside the point.

Mini T’s will make what is sure to be another triumphant homecoming on March 24, when they play Rhythm Room in a show brought to you by Psyko Steve. That bill includes locals Roar (who recently did Daytrotter) and Gospel Claws, Los Angeles’ Pepper Rabbit and Alvin Band (the brainchild of Miniature Tigers drummer Rick Schaier).

Alvin Band: Temple Pressure (video, mp3)
Miniature Tigers on the Interface
Miniature Tigers on The Train Tracks (photos)
Miniature Tigers on Daytrotter
Miniature Tigers: Cannibal Queen (video)

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