… And Guppies Eat Their Young

Photo by Christian Johnson

It’s high time I posted on an Arizona band. If you missed the last one on Reubens Accomplice, go do some research here. (As an update, Reubens is touring Europe in October. So, if you’re in the area, go check ’em out.)

Today’s Ariz. pick is … And Guppies Eat Their Young. Veterans of the local scene, the Guppies have 11 releases to their name, most of which can be purchased at Stinkweeds, including 2004’s Once.

The band — Jason DiGiacomo (guitar), Ron Marschall (drums), Roland Daum (guitar, synthesizer), Sonny Coccera (bass) and Brock Ruggles (vocals, guitar) — is decidedly lo-fi through a compelling mixture of indie, alt-country and a sometimes Low-ish depressive vibe.

Ruggles’ vocals are wistful and moody, and for some reason, tend to make me nostalgic for something I’m not even sure exists. “Will the pain give up the sky to sun beams / to warm the hearts of those who grieve,” on Carolina, an indie-twangy number off Once.

Visit them at My Space here. I’m including selections off Once, but I encourage you to visit their Web site for mp3s from the rest of their catalog.

And Guppies Eat Their Young | Parking Garage
And Guppies Eat Their Young | The Warbly Parade (personal fave)
And Guppies Eat Their Young | Carolina

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