I was snooping around the Solesides Web site (and I suggest you do the same) when I came across a snippett about the group Stateless, from Leeds, England. Turns out, DJ Shadow is a huge fan and has enlisted singer Chris James to provide some vocals for Shadow’s 2006 album.

Now, I don’t know about you, but whenever one of my favorite artists recommends another group, I tend to listen. No less an authority than Shadow had this to say about the group’s Bloodstream EP: “Their EP is stunning … As close to perfection as I’ve heard in a long time.” Ahhh, got your attention now, eh?

In addition to James (vocals, keyboards, guitars), Stateless is Kidkanevil (turntables, sampling, programming), Jon Taylor (bass, keyboards, guitar), Jimmy Sturdy (drums, piano, string arrangement) and Rod Buchanan Dunlop (FX, programming, keyboards).

The combination of piano, sampling and James’ voice offers a big, enthralling sound — not unlike what you’d hear from UNKLE. Don’t take my word for it — although you might want to take DJ Shadow’s. Check the three tracks below or visit them on My Space.

Stateless | Down Here (really, highly recommended. really)
Stateless | Horizon
Stateless | Running Out

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