Announcing: Open Mike Eagle, Has-Lo, MegaRan, April 27 at Hidden House

I’m far from a professional show promoter – and the Valley is in very capable hands anyway – but a perk of writing this blog (inching ever closer to its seven-year anniversary in July) is getting to know some of the artists I admire – and, once a year or so, putting together a night with them to showcase what I haven’t sufficiently described with words.

It happened last February, and we’re returning once again to Hidden House on April 27 for this year’s venture with Open Mike Eagle (Swim Team/LA), Has-Lo (Wrecking Crew/Philly) and MegaRan (Writer’s Guild/PHX).

I’ll hopefully have more with each of these guys as the show gets nearer, but here’s a quick primer:

Open Mike Eagle: Project Blowed alum and former teacher who is thoughtful and self-aware, friendly and accessible, a lover of They Might Be Giants and a hater of LeBron. Follow him on Twitter.

Has-Lo: Born and bred in Philadelphia, Has is making his maiden voyage out west for shows in California and Phoenix. His full-length debut, In Case I Don’t Make It (released last year on Mello Music Group), was met with well-deserved critical praise. Follow him on Twitter.

MegaRan: You’d be hard-pressed to find a musician who works harder than Random (also a former teacher). If he’s not on the road, Ran is either dropping something new or in the studio preparing to drop something new, whether solo or with his Writer’s Guild crew. He’s a former Philadelphian who lives in Phoenix, and we’re glad to call him one of our own. Follow him on Twitter.

Some treats:

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