Apsci (Quannum)

Without a doubt, Quannum Projects has been at the forefront of pushing progressive hip-hop, and it’s great to see how the collective — anchored by DJ Shadow, Blackalicious and Latyrx — has expanded. Admittedly, I’ve been slow to keep up with the label’s latest roster additions. Apsci, a husband-wife duo of vocalist Dana Diaz-Tutaan and emcee Raphael LaMotta, is the label’s newest project. The album, Thanks for Asking, is the epitome of the Quannum spirit: keeping true to the basics of hip-hop but at the same time pushing it in different directions. Apsci brilliantly incorporates an electronic feel to the vocals of Diaz-Tutaan and raps of LaMotta, and they do it without potentially scaring off the more traditional hip-hop fans. Guest spots include Mr. Lif (the Perceptionists) and VURSATYLE of Lifesavas (also of the Quannum clan).

Apsci: Tirade Highway
Apsci: See That? (feat. Mr. Lif)

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