Asleep in the Sea

I’ve only mentioned it about 50 times this week, but we’re going to see Dios (Malos) tonight at Modified. One of the two openers is Phoenix band Asleep in the Sea.

I’m really enjoying this trio because they seem to go against the grain of what a band should do. Their melodies sound off-kilter and the whole orchestration just feels loose and a little skittish; yet, you get the feeling that’s sort of the point of it all. The vocals are frail and a touch out of tune in an endearing kind of way.

I’m eager to see them tonight for the first time. You can visit them on My Space here, where they have four songs available for download. Below are two songs off their new EP that you can buy at their Web site.

Asleep in the Sea | Dance On (highly recommended)
Asleep in the Sea | Seashorshes

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  1. As someone who just recently moved from Tempe to Los Angeles, I’ve been really happy to get see someone representing the valley so well in a music blog. Keep up the good work.

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