Atban Klann (aka Black Eyed Peas)

We all know who the Black Eyed Peas are (I have to bite my tongue about how I really feel about them now). But did we all know before Black Eyed Peas there was Atban Klann?

Formed in Los Angeles in the early 1990s, Atban (A Tribe Beyond A Nation) brought current BEPs and Will.I.Am together to produce some cuts that might surprise you. It might surprise you also to know that Atban Klann was signed to Ruthless Records, run by none other than Eazy-E. Unfortunately, the album, Grass Roots, was shelved and never found its way to the public. Story has it that Ruthless was unsure how to market a group whose positive vibes ran contrary to Ruthless’ gangsta image.

Alas, all that exists are bootleg cassettes of the album, like the one that I own. I converted a few of the tracks to mp3 from the cassette. I tried to clean the sound as best I could; keep in mind, my copy is probably the copy of a copy of a copy. But if demand is high enough (hint: leave a comment), I’ll convert the rest of the album. These are the first three tracks.

Atban Klann | Open Your Mind
Atban Klann | Going for a Ride
Atban Klann | Adidas (Put on your adidas and step off!)

9 thoughts on “Atban Klann (aka Black Eyed Peas)”

  1. man these tracks are sick. but they just succeeded in making me hate these guys even more for selling out. such a bright future, wasted. but if you want to convert the rest for us i’m not complaining. please.

  2. yo the atban klann and the now black eyed peas rule and show the same positive views they have had for so long!

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  4. man … ive been looking for this for years …. pleaaaaaaaase reup or drop me a line or both … peace

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