By request, more Atban Klann

Because of popular demand — yes, two comments is considered “demand” in these parts — I’m continuing to offer tracks from the never-was-released Grass Roots from Atban Klann (now known as Black Eyed Peas).

This lot offers one of my faves, Mountain Top, and the anti-cop track Lord of the Flies. Again, I’m trying my best to clean up the sound with Audio Hijack Pro, but gimme some feedback — too much bass? too much treble? — and I’ll try to correct it. There’s about seven or eight tracks left, which includes my No. 1 favorite on the album. (Ahem, I’m not above bribery to polish this project off; worth a try anyway.)

Atban Klann | Lord of the Flies
Atban Klann | Quid Pro Quo
Atban Klann | Jugglin’ My Nuts (a little jokey interlude; not sure if that’s actually the name of the song)
Atban Klann | Mountain Top

9 thoughts on “By request, more Atban Klann”

  1. Hey — THANKS for these Atban Klann tracks. I never knew these guys started out on the (instinctive travels) path of tribe, de la, planets, dream warriors, etc. They coulda/shoulda been a great addition to the waning yrs of the alt & jazz- hip hop “golden age” b/f gansta became completely dominant. On that note, too bad they didn’t hook-up w/ a label like Delicious Vinyl instead of Ruthless. DV might’ev blown them up like Pharcyde. damn.

    Anyway, yeah go for the total coversion postage !!

    Hey — and thanks much for the shout out on my new template (much needed improvement in my case). Look forward to your new look!! (but your header photo now is great!).

    thnx again.

  2. I got the album, and its sick. Had it for a couple of years now, but never thought anyone knew bout em. Your cleanin up the tracks rather well, but i heard BEP might re-release this remastered.. just a rumor tho. The political song is tight tho.. “this land was formed by crooks, so why should i abide by the rules of crooks!” 🙂

  3. Yo, if you want, i can convert my tracks. They are copied from an Original pre-release cd. Might be a bit cleaner than what you got. One of them is a bit fast tho.

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