Atban Klann, Part III

OK, six more tracks from Grass Roots, the album that never was released by Atban Klann (aka the Black Eyed Peas when the Black Eyed Peas were cool). This bunch includes pretty sweet tracks, including Focus on You and No Sequel. Like Chris and Dodge said, it makes you sad for what BEP has become — in a word, sellouts.

One more batch tomorrow, which will include the hottest track on the album (in my opinion), will be the last of it. Enjoy.

Atban Klann | World’s Gone Mad
Atban Klann | No SequelAtban Klann | Rain on Me
Atban Klann | Dedicated
Atban Klann | title unknown (sort of an interlude)
Atban Klann | Focus on You

4 thoughts on “Atban Klann, Part III”

  1. THANK YOU! Several fans in the BEP community have been looking for a LONG TIME for someone to distribute these tracks. Thanks so much! I’m about to tell the entire official BEP forum about your cool blog!

  2. AHHH THIS IS JUST TO DOPE FOR WORDS my days, its just amazing from how will and ap came up innit… But even if you think that the BEP’s gotten more commecial, don’t mean that they’re sellouts, they deserve what they’ve got now….over ten years of work and it’s finally paying off…think of it like that…

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