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I spoke to Sea Wolf’s Alex Brown Church for a story to advance his show opening for Okkervil River on Thursday at the Clubhouse in Tempe.

He was about as nice and pleasant as you can expect in discussing his living in Montreal half the year and his conflicted feelings about his home base of Los Angeles.

I did ask him about You’re a Wolf being used for a car commercial that aired during the Olympics. His response (which didn’t make the story):

“I haven’t seen any bad feedback, which is good because I was a little bit hesitant to do it. … Everybody I know told me that everybody they know saw the commercial. Exposure is good. In today’s music climate, it’s just one of the ways, if you’re a small band, to get music out there. It’s not necessarily way I would like it to be. But I hope it ends up being a good thing.”

  • Sea Wolf | You’re a Wolf

Here’s the aforementioned commercial:

One thought on “ preview: Sea Wolf”

  1. truly a wonderful band (with a great live show) and a wonderful song. too bad the commercial wasn’t really that great (is it me or did the song not quite fit the visual?). I guess that’s car commercials…takes me back to hearing Modest Mouse on that minivan commercial.

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