The Via Maris: Song for Will (Love)

Chad Sundin, singer/writer for one of my favorite local bands, The Via Maris, is kindly offering up a free download of a song off the band’s excellent 2008 album The Bicentennial at MySpace. (UPDATE: Get the download below, at least until this new MySpace Music works itself out.)

Sundin explains in a blog post:

“In celebration of my son Willem’s first birthday this past Sunday, September 21, I put up the song I wrote just after he was born. It was written to convey the quiet joy of new life in our lives. Find a peaceful place and listen, if you like.”

It’s a gorgeous, selfless song – one that is deeply personal yet capable of touching anybody, I’m sure, parents or not.

If you’re in the Valley, you can check out the Via Maris at a bunch of upcoming shows, including Wednesday night at the Last Exit in Tempe.

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