Baby Dayliner: Are You Looking at the Same Stars?

Every once in awhile, MySpace bulletins can actually be good for something, like finding out Baby Dayliner has made a new track available for download.

I’m sure you already know I’m a fan of Baby Dayliner. So to see not one but two new songs up there hopefully is an indication that a new album is in the works.

Are You Looking at the Same Stars? shows Baby Dayliner in all his pompadoured coolness. He’s a hopeless romantic here, looking back with regret and longing on a relationship that didn’t work.

“Sometimes you catch yourself in a moment/
when you think about that woman/
how good she was to you/
when you were down and out and giving up.”

Check out Baby Dayliner’s catalog at eMusic, including last year’s great Critics Pass Away.

  • Baby Dayliner | Are You Looking at the Same Stars?

2 thoughts on “Baby Dayliner: Are You Looking at the Same Stars?”

  1. What really ticks me off is I can no longer download tracks from MySpace. I have tried it with both IE and Firefox and no go. It sucks because there are alot of bands that I am interested in that have tracks up for download…
    Any ideas why?

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