Bass Drum of Death: I Wanna Be Forgotten

Bass Drum of Death, who didn’t seem to have nearly the number of technical issues as Japandroids at Phoenix show in September, are coming back to town to play Rhythm Room on July 8.

It’s part of a tour with Brisbane, Australia’s DZ Deathrays – the “Bass Drum of Deathrays” tour – and to mark the occasion the bands will sell a split 7-inch on the road.

Bass Drum’s 2011 debut, GB City (Fat Possum), is a tightly wound and highly enjoyable 30-minute assault. “I Wanna Be Forgotten” is another terse, fuzzed-out jam that appeals to my need for a 2 1/2-minute spin – nothing more, nothing less.

Tickets ($8-$10) for the all-ages show on July 8 are available here.

The flipside to the 7-inch is DZ Deathrays’ “No Sleep”:

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