Birdmonster/Division Day in Phoenix, Aug. 19

Finally. Birdmonster and Division Day are making their way to our fine state, playing Modified on August 19. Only $6.

These two bands have been touring like mad with no Phoenix stops. Birdmonster has played Tucson a couple of times. So I’m pretty jazzed about this show. Six dollars? Six American dollars? Hel-lo! That’s a bargain. You can’t get out of Subway these days for less than $6.

Birdmonster | Balcony
Division Day | Hurricane

Birdmonster on WOXY.
Division Day video for Hurricane.

Are you wondering what other shows are coming to Arizona? I thought so:

3 thoughts on “Birdmonster/Division Day in Phoenix, Aug. 19”

  1. holy crap that birdmonster song is bad. sounds like christian rock, with tuneless vocals

  2. Ahh, thanks for the tunes. I am considering going to that show and had heard neither that Birdmonster song nor anything by Division Day.

    The main additions to your upcoming shows list I can think of are Saxon Shore/From Monument To Masses/Lymbic System at Modified on July 17, the Thermals at Modified on August 21 and Massive Attack at Celebrity Theatre on September 19.

    Built to Spill was great and I am happy for The Clientele and M. Ward shows. And I think I need to hear some Centro-Matic.

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