Bizzart: Stumbling Blocks

I was doing some researching/listening on upcoming local shows when I came across a potentially intriguing night at the Trunk Space in downtown Phoenix.

On Saturday, the art venue is hosting a screening of the documentary 40 Bands 80 Minutes, about the LA noise scene, then having a few acts perform, including Bizzart, of which I knew nothing about until I visited the group’s MySpace. Bizzart is featured in the doc, and as you might expect, the group plays it coy and ironic in writing its bio and influences.

“BIZZART is now a quintet consisting of the following flute/ Xylophone, trumpet/visual media, guitar, percussion, Field recording, junkdrumming…”

“Junkdrumming.” I actually sorta like that description. In trying to determine if Bizzart is one person or more, I’m still not sure: “Bizzart is not just one person but rather it’s own entity used as a way of expression. I’ve used this entity to get passed many of my own personnal struggles by creating a sound.”

Ooookay. Nevertheless, judging by the two songs on the group’s MySpace (both available for download), there’s a strong hip-hop influence, especially on Stumbling Blocks, and I’m always down for that. I might even be tempted to pick up Bloodshot Mama on eMusic, if only for the name of the album.

So check out Bizzart with Lacoste and local fracture-pop maestro Treasure Mammal at the Trunk Space.

  • Bizzart | Stumbling Blocks

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