El-P: Smithereens (Alternate Mix)

My new favorite shirt.

“All he ever does is post El-P.” Yeah, I know. But if you picked up I’ll Sleep When You’re Dead, you’d understand.

Anyway, when we saw El a couple weeks ago in Tempe, the folks at his merch table were passing out cards for free downloads, which included an alternate mix of Smithereens. This version strips out the horns and manages to sound even more eerie and sci-fi than the original.

Check out El-P on Conan O’Brien on Monday.

4 thoughts on “El-P: Smithereens (Alternate Mix)”

  1. EL-P – not dissapointed ever – thanks so much for the remix. Keep the good hip hop coming 1

  2. What happened to the download? Been looking like a madman. I already bought the album 3ice and don’t feel like buying it once more from itunes..

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