Black Sheep: Birds of a Feather
(Native Tongues reunion)


I’m sorry, but some 15 years later, I can’t help but be excited by a Native Tongues collaboration. Black Sheep’s Dres (above) has brought together Q-Tip of A Tribe Called Quest, Trugoy of De La Soul and Mike Gee of Jungle Brothers for the track, Birds of a Feather, for his new album From the Black Pool of Genius (due out June 29).

I was so entrenched in the music of the Native Tongues crew that even still it’s hard for me to be an objective critic of this song in the current context of my own musical tastes. Nostalgia trip or not, it seems like accomplishment enough just to get four of these guys together on the same track.

Frankly, I think this song is on point, but, hey, these guys have earned a lifetime achievement award from me, so you can be the judge.

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(Native Tongues reunion)”

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