Bloc Party on VW Greenroom

Cruising the blog roll yesterday when a post at Good Weather for Airstrikes stopped me. They had three acoustic tracks from Bloc Party hosted by VW Greenroom, which apparently is Volkswagen’s way of influencing impressionable hipsters and getting them into the driver’s seat of a Passat.

Honestly, I’ve never heard of this Greenroom and it’s possible everyone knows about it and I’m woefully behind the times. From a music standpoint, it’s fairly awesome. However, being half-Jewish – well, sorta more than that because my mom is Jewish – I can’t fully endorse supporting the German economy for obvious reasons. Though you’d likely see me in a VW before stepping foot in a Ford.

Anyway, I’m not here to argue history. Apparently, bands play some acoustic/intimate-type sets (sponsored by VW and FNX Radio) then mp3s are available for download and kids go test drive the new Rabbit with its handy auxiliary jack for their iPods on which they can rock out to said songs.

Here’s a link to bands that have performed, which include Bloc Party, Cold War Kids, Pete Yorn and Silversun Pickups. Not bad. I even downloaded the Bloc Party set to ensure quality audio (this is what I do for you) and, yes, 192 kbps.

Thanks again to the Good Weather guys.

  • Bloc Party | I Still Remember (acoustic, VW Greenroom)
  • Bloc Party | This Modern Love (acoustic, VW Greenroom)
  • Bloc Party | Sunday (acoustic, VW Greenroom)

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