El-P: The Overly Dramatic Truth @ SXSW

el_p_121.jpgThere is no show I am looking forward to more right now than El-P’s appearance at the Clubhouse in Tempe on May 23. His newest LP, I’ll Sleep When You’re Dead, is the record for me right now. It’s fierce, intelligent and held tight in a frighteningly paranoid/grim tension.

As previously noted, I missed out on SXSW. This time, Minnesota Public Radio’s the Current picks up the slack, offering a stream of a couple live tracks by El-P (128 kbps, to boot). I was really pleased to see The Overly Dramatic Truth was one of the songs he performed, a track that grabbed me from the get-go with its slow-burning synths and fist-clenching tempo buildup while El plays the cynic: “I wish I could trade your place / so romantic, full of faith.”

Man, May 23 cannot get here soon enough. Pick up I’ll Sleep When You’re Dead at eMusic. Visit the Current for more information.

  • El-P | The Overly Dramatic Truth (@ SXSW)

In more El-P news, check out his definitive video picks at MTV Overdrive.

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