Bloc Party remixes — going, going … GONE

OK, I’ve left these Bloc Party remix tracks active because they were quite popular. However, they are now for sale on the iTunes music store as the Dimmakified! EP: four remixes for four bucks. Soooo, I’ll be taking down these tracks later tonight. That said, I’d highly recommend taking four bucks out of your weekly allowance and simply buying them. That’s chump change for some really cool remixes — even if Ryan says Bloc Party has sold out.

9 thoughts on “Bloc Party remixes — going, going … GONE”

  1. Dude, you have to admit that it has gone a little far. Their album is good, but they suck live and do adds for target. Common.

  2. The Target thing threw me. I admit. But is that as bad as Iron & Wine on an M&M’s commercial? Shins for McDonald’s? Modest Mouse for Nissan? … I dunno. I haven’t been in a position where a major corporation is throwing a ton of loot my way for my work. I’d guess it’d be hard to turn down for the sake of indie cred. Guess we’ll learn more when Death Cab backlash hits.

  3. Speaking of which, isn’t plans the most over produced shite you’ve ever heard. I agree with you, though. Just like to make fun of people that are cooler than me 😉

  4. I’ve held out on listening to Plans. I’m going to buy it the day it comes out and let it surprise me — good or bad.

  5. Fortunately, I’m no longer on the student budget. But I do have a hard time justifying $12 for some CDs. This is when I count on you guys.

  6. If the bands can make a buck by selling their songs for ads I applaude them. I’ve been and know a lot of dirt-ass-poor touring musicians. Success and popularity may be fleeting, but if they can cash in while the going is good, they could be set for years to come and be able to continue making the music we all love and blog about. I agree that the Death Cab backlash will be huge.

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