LA record shopping

… OK, I’m going to be in LA (west Hollywood, more specifically) this weekend. Anyone have record store recommendations — other than Amoeba, where I’ll be spending a good hour or four.

… For anyone going to Austin for the ACL festival: If you’re there on Thursday (Sept. 22), Thievery Corporation and DJ Z-Trip are playing Stubb’s. That would be the same Stubb’s where we’ll be seeing the Arcade Fire and Black Keys on Friday night.

… There’s a lot of blogger fantasy football trash talking going on out there. So let me just be the first to call it: The fantasy football champ resides right here on this little Web site.

… I know you already hit my favorite sites over there at the right. And there are two new ones to the list: Veritas Lux Mea (the truth is my light) keeps a tight mix on sports, news and music: What else do you need?

And be sure (especially if you’re an old-school hip-hop fan) to visit D-Nice’s blog. Yes, that D-Nice — formerly the deejay of Boogie Down Productions whose solo LP Call Me D-Nice is a downright classic. I can’t believe I never knew about his blog, but it’s the shite: loaded with words and pictures and a few downloads. Really, it’s crazy to see an artist I like so much doing the blog thing. Coolness.

This was — and always will be — THE joint:

D-Nice | Call Me D-Nice

9 thoughts on “LA record shopping”

  1. wow.

    I can not believe you just laid claim to the title before the draft.

    just remember rex grossman is not a good pickup. keep telling yourself that and hopefully you won’t make any mistakes.

  2. love the trash talk. see you on the psuedo football field, and thanks for the linkage. I had your other site on my roll but I’ll make sure this one finds its way there as well

  3. Rex Grossman? Peter, I’m taking Jeff Blake. No, Chad Hutchinson. Wait, there’s so many mediocre Bears quarterbacks I can’t keep track.

  4. Goose, think you’re referring to South of Mainstream, to which I am just a little helper elf. Mallie is the master of that wonderful site.

  5. we need to get mallie in our fantasy football league…nah, she’d probably win. we can’t have that.

    and don’t worry, blogger fantasy football league, as long as kevin takes at least one Chicago Bear, he ain’t winning.

  6. If I knew anything about football, I’d be in. But the only football I understand is the European kind. You plebians call it soccer. Now, when we get a fantasy MTB online league, I’m all over it. And Chris gets cyber kisses for even thinking for a minute about asking me. None of the rest of you did. Bleh!

  7. Hey Thanks ! for postin’ this classic D-Nice track, one of my all time favorites (love that fuzzed-out, buzz saw bass and Hammond B3 sound). Brings me right back to 1990. A couple days ago, i posted another steller old skool jam from ’90: Paris’ Break the Grip of Shame, the 12″ “Final Call” remix. remember that?

    Oh, and for the link to D-Nice’s blog (sheeit!) –thanks again.

  8. oh you little pranksters…this is gonna be over by midseason…go ahead and give me the title now and lets just take all the fun out of it.

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