Bon Iver live at SXSW (via NPR)

No, I didn’t go to South by Southwest (again), and, I gotta say, the coverage of the festival this year seemed to increase tenfold. I’m not sure if that’s a good or bad thing. Just an observation. I did grow a little weary of it by, ooooh, the second day.

But something I haven’t grown tired of – what a segue! – is Bon Iver’s For Emma, Forever Ago. That’s why it was great to see NPR record one of Justin Vernon’s shows and make it available on its All Songs Considered podcast.

Hearing this set – albeit a short five songs – confirmed a couple things: a) I probably need to get this record on vinyl; b) I really should have gone to Tucson to see him last week at Plush (probably one of the finest venues in the state).

Anyway, be sure to subscribe to the NPR All Songs Considered podcast to get the full download, which includes an interview in which Vernon notes that the live setting gives the songs a chance to “crawl out of their shell,” a great way to describe it considering he wrote the album in an isolated cabin in the woods.

Also, from listening to the full set (I clipped out a bit of the banter in between songs) you get the sense that Vernon is truly appreciative and grateful for the fans and for being able to play for them.

Bon Iver, live at SXSW, 3/13/08, The Parish (via NPR):

  • Bon Iver | Flume
  • Bon Iver | Lump Sum
  • Bon Iver | Skinny Love
  • Bon Iver | The Wolves (Act I and II)
  • Bon Iver | Creature Fear

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