Nada Surf on MySpace Transmissions

MySpace, a social networking site you might have heard about, has started a studio-session feature called Transmissions. It looks fairly new as Nada Surf and (gulp) James Blunt appear to be the only artists in the archives thus far.

The Nada Surf session is, well, good … but also kind of awkward. A few strange camera angles seem to catch singer Matthew Caws staring off into the nether. I suppose that’s natural when you’re playing in front of an audience of cameramen. I’m just happy to see the band dig back a little bit for some older tunes.

Here’s a couple of the videos. Go here for more music and interviews. You can also buy the performance on iTunes (duh).

See These Bones:

Blizzard of ’77:

One thought on “Nada Surf on MySpace Transmissions”

  1. I saw Ben Folds and Radiohead doing something similar, even releasing their new albums as a show online this way. It is great news that fans have this close-up access, but if we´re constantly been told that the future is now in live music and touring, what happens when we even take tha audience out?

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