Busdriver: Kill Your Employer (Antimc remix)

When you’re putting together your favorite albums of 2007, do not forget Busdriver’s RoadKillOvercoat, released waaaay back on Jan. 30.

As a nice reminder, Busdriver is heading out on a headlining tour with Daedelus and Antimc, both of whom took a crack at remixing the Busdriver single Kill Your Employer (Recreational Paranoia is the Sport of Now) – or “Kill Your Employer” for short.

Busdriver has made the Antimc mix available as a free download on his Last.fm page. Where Daedelus decontructed Employer and rebuilt it with deep bass on a house music tip, Antimc manages to temper Busdriver’s hyper-literate flow with a little hip-hop house-party vibe.

  • Busdriver | Kill Your Employer (Antimc remix)


  • Busdriver | Kill Your Employer (Daedelus remix)

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