New Nada Surf: See These Bones + bonus mp3


Thanks to Brooklyn Vegan for the heads up on news from the Nada Surf camp.

The new album, Lucky, is due out Feb. 5 on Barsuk. And the group has made available for download the first single, called See These Bones.

Nada Surf played an acoustic set at Stinkweeds’ former Tempe location (R.I.P.) in February 2006. I recorded but never got proper permission to post the whole thing. Here’s an mp3 of Happy Kid from that performance.

  • Nada Surf | Happy Kid (live at Stinkweeds, 2/20/06)

7 thoughts on “New Nada Surf: See These Bones + bonus mp3”

  1. amazing song that gets better and better everytime you listen to it.

    also an amazing band 🙂

  2. You’re so fucking kind to share this with us. You do provide a great service, thanks to MOKB also.

  3. Yay! Something from the Stinkweeds set! I think you should try one more time to get clearance and then post it on the day of the new album release or something. I have a contact at the label if you need one?

  4. Maybe this is a dumb question.. how can you actually download this song? i.e. get it into itunes.. Help please.

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