Cassettes Won’t Listen remixes Mr. Lif’s ‘The Sun’

To hype the release of his full-length Into the Hillside (out June 16), Cassettes Won’t Listen (born Jason Drake) has joined up with’s Underwire to release a free remix EP called – this one was too easy – (F)remix. The collection includes six CWL remixes for a variety of artists: The Dears, The Death Set, Christine, The Faunts, Bisc1 and, most appealing to me, Mr. Lif, who a couple months ago released a new full-length I Heard it Today.

I’m a huge fan of CWL’s remix of El-P’s Flyentology (better than the original, I say), so no surprise here that I dig what he’s done with Mr. Lif’s The Sun, slowing the sample from 45 to 33 1/3 RPM and wrapping Lif’s voice in an airy atmosphere instead of the low-end aggression of the original.

Download the entire (F)remix EP here (zip file).

  • Mr. Lif | The Sun (Cassettes Won’t Listen remix)
  • Mr. Lif | The Sun
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