Mos Def performs Quiet Dog on Letterman

Mos Def’s new one, The Ecstatic, is out now (available on mp3 at Amazon for $3.99 today) and, having listened to it about 10 or so times in the past week, I’m giving it my full backing.

The production roster is top-notch (Oh No, Madlib, etc.) and it seems to bring out the best in Mos – a more focused effort that is on par with his debut Black on Both Sides. No surprise that one of my favorite tracks is the leadoff song, Supermagic, on which Mos is basically rapping over Oh No’s Turkish-inspired cut Heavy from Dr. No’s Oxperiment.

Mos performed the drum-heavy Quiet Dog for Letterman on Monday night. Check it below. (Thanks to Ickmusic for posting the vid.)

One thought on “Mos Def performs Quiet Dog on Letterman”

  1. Hey man, just bought the new album off the link above. Enjoy the .40 kickdown. That stick of gum is on ME brother!

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