Far covers Ginuwine’s “Pony,” reunites for album


I’ve been cautiously optimistic about this news of a Far reunion — and new album! — and it all appears to be a go: “Perhaps some of you have heard via the internets that we’re putting out a record with the venerable Vagrant Records. True and good.”

Though it’ll be hard to live up to the greatness of 1998’s Water & Solutions – a desert-island disc candidate from my collection – the band’s two-album stint was (ahem) far too short, even though singer Jonah Matranga carried on with a solo career.

Far’s reintroduction actually came last year in the form of a cover of Pony, the ’90s hit by Ginuwine. If you’ve ever wanted to hear Jonah sing, “If you’re horny, let’s do it/ride it; my pony,” well, your wildest dreams have come true. Apparently, Ginuwine is a fan.

And here’s an acoustic version of Pony the band did for 91X.

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