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Cease and Desist update

Thanks to everyone who commented and offered advice regarding my cease and desist letter from a Travis song I posted.

People sure do love to hate the RIAA, IFPI and record labels. My post was linked at numerous spots: Tech Scoop, Tech Dirt and this other site written in Italianwhat I think is Spanish (any translators out there?). Nice to see everyone fighting the good fight. Thanks for the exposure (and hopefully Travis gets a push out of this).

I wrote the IFPI back (again) regarding this situation yesterday with some of your advice from the comments. I have not heard back yet, but when/if I do, I’ll post the response.

Thanks again.

New audio player / feedback

I’ve been toying with some flash-based audio players for the page to try to make it easier for the reader/listener to listen to mp3s without downloading, if that’s their preference.

Thanks to Aurgasm, I’m giving the Yahoo Media Player a try. You’ll see a play button next to each mp3 and a retractable playing device that follows you up and down the page.

Please give it a whirl and leave a comment to let me know what you think.

Also, in the general interest of housekeeping, let me know if there’s anything else that could use dusting/removing/adding/polishing/cleaning up around here. As always, I appreciate your stopping by.

New design

(PLEASE UPDATE BOOKMARKS: The old blogspot address still will redirect you.)

I’m in the process of a redesign, as you can see if you’re here. There’s some other glitches and such I need to work out. So if you’re here, welcome. Bear with me through some technical stuff.

In the meantime, you can go back to while I figure out how to import the remainder of the posts. Thanks!

A redirect has been set up at the blogspot site, so you’ll land back here. I had about 18 posts hanging from the blogspot address that I needed to move over. I did that manually, so I’ve lost some comments, which bothers me.

Nevertheless, here’s the site, put together by Absolute Design and that new excellent banner was designed by my boy Dusty.

Again, I’ll have small things here and there to tweak. Please let me know if you stumble on something that needs fixing and/or improving. Frankly, this whole WordPress thing scares me a little.

Thanks again.