Cease and Desist update

Thanks to everyone who commented and offered advice regarding my cease and desist letter from a Travis song I posted.

People sure do love to hate the RIAA, IFPI and record labels. My post was linked at numerous spots: Tech Scoop, Tech Dirt and this other site written in Italianwhat I think is Spanish (any translators out there?). Nice to see everyone fighting the good fight. Thanks for the exposure (and hopefully Travis gets a push out of this).

I wrote the IFPI back (again) regarding this situation yesterday with some of your advice from the comments. I have not heard back yet, but when/if I do, I’ll post the response.

Thanks again.

2 thoughts on “Cease and Desist update”

  1. Hey Kevin,

    No problem on sharing the story. It’s stories like yours that people need to know about.

    Btw, “Tech Scoop” is just a site that simply reposts Techdirt content, pretending that it’s its own content. It’s not a unique site. I have nothing against them, though it’s what most people would consider a spam blog. Just letting you know that it’s not really a separate site or anything.

    Anyway, hope all goes well with the IFPI.

  2. I’ll be interested to learn what comes of this. Personally, I always root for the little guy and think pushback against the powers that be is a civic duty to keep this world in a sane state. Right now it happens that IFPI, RIAA, and the big record labels embody the big, bad guys and regularly stomp on on the small guys. In a few years other entities will take their place, and we will adjust our pushback actions. Plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose!

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