People Under the Stairs: The Om Years

I really need to pay better attention to the weekly Tuesday release lists because it’s inevitable I’ll miss something like the jam-packed goodness of People Under the Stairs’ The Om Years collection, which came out this past week.

Granted, “the Om Years” lasted for just three records and various singles. But great records they are from Double K and Thes One, who are planning to release their sixth album, Fun DMC, in September on Gold Dust Media.

Of course, I’m never sure what to make of best-of collections – a throwaway contract obligation usually is my first thought. “Hey, here’s all the songs you already have plus one more! Buy it again, won’t you?” Weak. At least PUTS’ The Om Years (available on eMusic) comes with a second disc full of B-sides and rarities. Emusic even separates the discs into separate album downloads so you can just snag the second disc if you already own the released goods (I do).

And if you don’t own anything by People Under the Stairs, this is a fine way to introduce yourself. These guys are the epitome of California cool – laid-back beats and verses that celebrate the mellow side of West Coast living and obsessive crate digging.

Stream the The Om Years collection here.

  • People Under the Stairs | Big Daddy Brown

(From B-sides/rarities side)

  • People Under the Stairs | Youth Explosion

(From first disc and originally from Question in the Form of an Answer)

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