Chris Walla’s Hall of Justice

My wife and I just finished watching the Death Cab for Cutie DVD Drive Well, Sleep Carefully. It was good: lots of interviews and great live footage. We have yet to tackle the bonus material, which includes an acoustic set.

A small part of the doc showed Death Cab guitarist Chris Walla at his Hall of Justice recording studio in Seattle, where he recently recorded and produced Nada Surf’s The Weight is a Gift, among others.

Walla blogs on his Hall site and has a few mp3s stashed there as well, including two he just posted on Tuesday. One is The Rhone Occupation, a “superhereo theme song” in honor of Nada Surf. Pretty funny stuff.

He also keeps a MySpace page.

Chris Walla | The Rhone Occupation
Chris Walla | Note to Self

2 thoughts on “Chris Walla’s Hall of Justice”

  1. Hey Eric,

    Yeah, the documentary is pretty good. It mostly focuses on their time on the road and it touches briefly on their signing with Atlantic. At times, it’s hard to take when the band members almost sound like they’re complaining about touring so much. Regardless, I enjoyed the live footage.

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