Tajai and SupremeEx: Nuntype

You know what I love about the Hieroglyphics crew? They’re always doing something new, even if it is hard to keep up with it all the time.

That brings me to Nuntype, the collaborative full-length project between Tajai (of Souls of Mischief) and Philadelphia producer SupremeEx that will drop on Oct. 25 (Rumble Pack Records). The pair released an EP, Projecto: 2501, in 1999.

Nuntype seems to have a futuristic concept (perhaps in the vein of Deltron) that also focuses on artwork and visual storytelling. If you ask me, Tajai has become one of the Hiero’s most stellar and versatile emcees, so I’m looking forward to this release.

Tajai and SupremeEx | Formless
Tajai | Do It (from his solo record Power Movement)

3 thoughts on “Tajai and SupremeEx: Nuntype”

  1. Hey — thanks for these tracks! Hadn’t heard of the Nuntype project. Sounds great, will have to check out the album. Also love the Tajai track.

    ALSO, BIG thanks for the new Coup Mutiny cut — which is awesome!!

    oh, and for the Black Keys tracks. . . looks like i hadn’t dropped by for a good week — had some catchin’ up to do (particuarly great batch of posts, startin’ w/ the planets — can’t wait to see ’em again next month).

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