Clap Your Hands on WOXY’s Lounge Acts

I know. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah is so 2005. But I’ve been meaning to split up this set from WOXY’s Lounge Acts for quite some time now. (The set and interview is available as a download in one file here.)

Just last night, Royce and I were lamenting the fact that we missed the Clap Your Hands/The National show at Modified in Phoenix last year. Granted, we were working, but still … what the hell were we thinking?

Alas, here’s four tracks, including the unreleased Cigarettes.

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Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, WOXY Lounge Acts, 9/21/05
1. Details of the War
2. Gimme Some Salt
3. In This Home on Ice
4. Cigarettes

3 thoughts on “Clap Your Hands on WOXY’s Lounge Acts”

  1. Wow, no comments at all on this? Maybe CYHSY really *is* soooo 2005. Either way I saw that their show here in ATL sold out about a month in advance at a 700 capacity venue. Not too shabby.

  2. heres a comment for ya: i fkn love these guys. i’ll get any recording i can get my hands on. soooooo 2005 cyhsy has suuuuuuuuch a permanent place in my soul. & 2005 was a big one.
    thanks kevin.
    you are the mantis.

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