Cool Kids: Black Mags video

A friend sent me a link for the video of the Cool Kids’ Black Mags video, and now I’m hooked.

Signed to A-Trak (shameless link) and Catchdubs’ Fool’s Gold label, the Chicago duo waxes nostalgic about their “Dyno with the black mags.”

Obviously, this recalls Lupe Fiasco’s ode to skateboards, Kick Push. We hear so much about people who can’t stand those gosh-darn rappers bragging about cars and rims and whatnot. And here we have guys talkin’ sweet on skateboards and bicycles. Where’s the love??

For the record, I used to rock a Schwinn Predator … and, yeah, I put them pegs on, so what?

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  1. Yeah, I like some of Cool Kids’ stuff. I distinctly remember liking this track, “Gettin’ It”:

    I’m pretty sure that that was just one of the tracks off of Lil Weezyana with a Cool Kids infusion.

    As a sidenote, I finally got around to listening to Wale’s “100 Miles & Runnin'” mixtape (mixed by Catchdubs) after having it for 3 months. It’s that goodness!

    You can get it here:

    If folks just want a sample of Wale, they can check out this Fader link with Wale tearing up Free & Jigga’s “Big Spender”:

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