The DJ Shadow break set


Sole Sides points us in the direction of this gem — a mix of songs sampled by DJ Shadow as used for his own music.

This is another great example of how Shadow has inspired musicians and crate-diggers alike. Check out a previous post on the Shadow Sessions, a live band that performs Endtroducing.

From what I can gather, the guy who put this together, Fraykerbreaks, has been hunting/collecting Shadow’s sample sources for years.

Translated from the site: “Fraykerbreak, in his second collaboration with nachopancho brings us a set full of original samples from the magnificent DJ Shadow.”

Tracklist at

One thought on “The DJ Shadow break set”

  1. Thanx for this post i enjoyed listening from start to finish and I am a fan of SHADOW myself and his work PEACE MAD PROPS

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