Create & Devastate

The Swedes are bringing it. As we all know, the Nordic people are putting on a mini invasion. Here’s a little sample of their hip hop front.

Create and Devastate hail from Helsingborg, Sweden. Self proclaimed crate diggers, Create & Devastate made the progression from turntablists to music production.

As the story goes, they sent the infamous Masta Ace, of 1988’s big posse cut The Symphony, an email of their beats and he agreed to stop by during a Euro tour and lay down some vocals. Thus the single was born.

The B-Side features vocals from Maylay Sparks and drops a big band beat. The 12” is released through Threshold Recordings.

Create & Devastate are also a part of the Elite Fleet along with fellow Swedes DJ Connect and Big Ape. If these tracks are any indication, look for big things coming from this crew.

Create & Devastate feat. Masta Ace, Stricklin | The Hitman
Create & Devastate feat. Maylay Sparks, Kenneth Masters | Just Get Down

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