Samurai Champloo

No need to sound the NERD ALERT, but this post is about Anime. Samurai Champloo is a badass serial from Shinichiro Watanable of Cowboy Bebop fame. What’s Cowboy Bebop? Do yourself a favor and find out.

Roughly Champloo, coming from the Okinawan word chamuru, translates to mix. So the title basically translates as Samurai Remix. Fitting since intermixed with all the slicing and dicing katana style is some pretty dope hip hop beats. Some heavy hitters lend a snake and/or crane to the effort.

Kevin recently posted some big tracks from Five Deez. Fat Jon is on the production team and brings some nice down tempo funk to Champloo.

Fat Jon | 624 Part 1

Nujabes, aka Jun Seba, is a Japanese hip hop producer who adds his jazzy beats to the mix. Check out the the show’s opening track.

Nujabes feat. Shing02 | Battle Cry

Force of Nature also brings it a little more gritty. The Japanese production duo consists of DJ Kent and KZA.

Force of Nature | Death Wish

Hip hop: Katana dueling :: Cookies: Milk

SAT’s and shit!

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  1. this shit is tight. since we’re on the subject of hip hop from adult swim shows, hows about posting that song from the opening credits of the boondocks

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