Cut Chemist feat. Blackbird: Outro (Revisited)

Cut Chemist is back with his first single since 2007, and the L.A.-based turntablist (people still using that word?) has gone all aggro on “Outro (Revisited).”

He tells Rolling Stone, which premiered the track, that he created “Outro” after being released from jail (though it never says what he was in for): “I had a strong urge to run so I made a song that made me feel like I was being chased.” The rap-meets-rock vibe brings the Judgment Night soundtrack to mind, and I’m not one to say if that’s a good or bad thing since I still have my copy of the soundtrack on cassette.

The “Outro” single was released today (iTunes link) and the song will appear on Cut Chemist’s upcoming album, A Die Cut, due out on his own label A Stable Sound (haven’t seen a release date).

STREAM: Cut Chemist | “Outro (Revisited)”

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