Daedelus: Off to the Races (Meanest Man Contest remix feat. Cuzzo)

It’s pure coincidence, I’m sure, that Eriksolo from Meanest Man Contest e-mailed me to let me know about MMC’s remix of a new Daedelus track. Just the other day I was at a thrift store, staring at the piles of worthless/busted keyboards, speakers, joysticks, etc., and I couldn’t help but think of MMC’s great track Throwing Away Broken Electronics, an ode to dead technology.

MMC’s latest project is a reworking of a Daedelus song Off to the Races, which is available on a split EP on a new label called Friends of Friends. Eric sums it up thusly:

“The idea behind the label is that they ask an artist to do a split EP, and that artist asks a friend to do the other half of the EP, and then the artists ask another friend to create a piece of art, which then gets printed on a limited edition t-shirt that is sold as the physical component of the digital music release. The package comes with a bunch of remixes, of which my track is one.”

The project has been featured recently on XLR8R, the Amoeba blog and Pitchfork.

The EP is available on eMusic or at the FoF store. Below is the tracklisting and an mp3 of the MMC remix:

Friends of Friends, Volume 1:
1. Daedelus – C’est Super
2. Daedelus – LA Nocturn
3. Daedelus – Off to the Races
4. Jogger – Nice Tights
5. Jogger – Litre o’ Cola
6. Jogger – Nephicide

Daedelus – C’est Super (Michna Remix)
Daedelus – LA Nocturn (Eliot Lipp Remix)
Daedelus – Off to the Races (Meanest Man Contest Remix feat. Cuzzo)
Jogger – Nice Tights (Nosaj Thing Remix)
Jogger – Nice Tights (Mexicans with Guns Remix)
Jogger – Nice Tights (Grahm of Thunderheist Remix)
Jogger – Nice Tights (Keenhouse Remix)

Meanest Man Contest: We Blame You EP
Black Mirror: Quarterbar remix
Meanest Man Contest: new video!
I Used to Love H.E.R.: Eriksolo (Meanest Man Contest)
Meanest Man Contest: Partially Smart
Meanest Man Contest 7-inch

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