Davíd Garza: 2 Sinners in the Garden

Fair or not, I tend to give Davíd Garza a bit of a free pass. That’s what happens when a guy writes what I’d have to consider one of my top 10 albums of the ’90s. I don’t hesitate to say This Euphoria (1998) belongs in every collection. (Overdub is pretty great, too.)

Problem is, Garza, who hails from Austin, has a bit of that Ryan Adams problem: He’s immensely prolific … maybe to a fault. At the very least, it’s hard to keep up with his numerous releases, many of which have been digital-only in recent years.

So I shouldn’t have been surprised to realize that I totally missed the boat on Garza’s late ’08 release, Dream Delay (available on eMusic). I actually was clued in by Paul Ford’s often-hilarious six-word reviews of SXSW mp3s, in which he gave the Garza song 2 Sinners in the Garden five dots/circle thingies (the highest rating).

Because I just got Dream Delay, I’m still soaking it in, but it does feature guest spots from Fiona Apple (who chose Garza to open for her on tour), Al Jourgensen of Ministry (WTF?) and Jim Ward of At the Drive-In/Sparta/Sleepercar.

Check out 2 Sinners in the Garden, which Ford ever-tersely said is “better than most soundtrack-friendly indie.”


(From This Euphoria. Put it on your next mixtape and thank me later.)

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