David Garza

I’m having issues with Blogger uploading my final ACL photos. So, I’ll just scrap that and send you to Dodge for photos. Be sure to check out Kaiser Chiefs pics; they rocked. And, hey, if you were kind enough to pocket one of my cards at ACL and not toss it on the ground, I thank you.

In the meantime, my trip to Austin got me listening to David Garza all over again. I’m not really sure what happened to him after he released Overdub on Atlantic; I know he released a four-disc set A Strange Mess of Flowers. But I got pumped when he made a cameo with Hairy Apes BMX at ACL. So I checked his Web site and he’s offering a download of a five-song EP Chuy Chuy Yall.

Check the EP, but This Euphoria is a great introduction to Dah-veed.

David Garza | She’s My Ocean
David Garza | Float Away (from This Euphoria)

5 thoughts on “David Garza”

  1. we didn’t get to check him out Monday night…we went downtown to check out Yoni at The Blind Pig…


    and I quote…

    “The only Jewish rapper in Minneapolis” returns to Austin for the first time since feat. on MATISYAHU’s “Live @ Stubb’s” debut. Midwest Hip Hop…Killing Coasts since ’82!”

    Anyway, after waiting a full hour after the show was SUPPOSED to start, a jam/raggae band came on who was ok, but we left, so we just drank a few beers at some different local bars on 6th Street instead. Took the bus as it was free…that was fun actually.

    anyway, d-loaded your tracks, so I’ll check them. word!

  2. Daren, nobody — NOBODY — covered Cuddly Toy. In fact, when our good friend Dodge listened to it he said (and I quote): “I want to stab my ear drums out.”

    Dodge, sounds like you had a good extra day in Austin. Jewish rap is all the rage! Me being half-Jew can attest. Glad you hit 6th street. That’s a must in Austin. Holla!

  3. I caught David Garza opening for Alejandro Escovedo at the Continental Club Friday night during ACL. I had no idea who this guy was, I was there for Alejandro…and David blew me away!!!! He’s amazing…he’s got great energy and his performance was just killer! If y’all haven’t checked him out please do…I’m back in Maine now, wishin’ I wuz still in Austin…looking for some Garza to play on my show tomorrow…www.weru.org Mondays On The Wing 11 am – 2pm EST

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