Death Cab recap

Even under the influence of Newcastle, I can tell you that Death Cab for Cutie puts on a great show. However, I slacked and didn’t bring my camera (bad blogger!).

I wasn’t overwhelmed; their style, their sound doesn’t translate to a larger setting very well. And, as my brother bitterly pointed out a few times, they didn’t play Blacking Out the Friction — their “best song ever”; I’d have a hard time disagreeing with big bro there. Still, there were plenty of highlights: Amputations and President of What? (off Something About Airplanes), We Laugh Indoors and Transatlanticism, with assistance from members of opener Stars, as the ultimate closer.

And, oh, Different Names for the Same Thing is quickly becoming my favorite songs off Plans.

The crowd … well, what do you expect now? They skew younger and that can be hard to swallow for the faithful. I guess you just have to laugh at it. It was obvious that when they played older material, the interest waned accordingly.

Death Cab for Cutie | We Laugh Indoors (dub mix)

8 thoughts on “Death Cab recap”

  1. i saw dcfc in montreal a few weeks ago and i was hoping they’d play blacking out the friction as well. it just seems like a good concert song they should keep in their repertoire. did they play a ton of songs from plans?

  2. Ryan, they’re definitely worth checking out. The first time I saw them was a few years ago at a smaller venue, which was much more appropriate for their style, i think.

    Jesse, yeah, quite a bit of stuff off Plans. If I remember correctly: “Marching Bands,” “Soul Meets Body,” “Different Names,” “Summer Skin,” “I Will Follow You Into the Dark” (Gibbard did it solo as encore) and “Crooked Teeth.”

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