Chicago recap / Death Cab in Tempe tonight

We’re back from Chicago and it was a blast. The weather was phenomenal, and living in Arizona I nearly forgot what it looks like when leaves change colors. Perfect. We saw family, ate deep dish pizza, rode the ‘L,’ hit some bars, did some shopping and (the reason for the trip) celebrated my dad’s 60th birthday. We didn’t, however, go see Digable Planets. We decided we’d be more productive with a night out on the town.

There’s not much to say other than Chicago is an amazing city. And I knew this, having been born there. But each time I go back, the more I seem to be able to appreciate it.
A few pics of the fam:

My niece Quinn LOVED the Shedd Aquarium.

Quinny helps my dad (aka “Grampy”) with the candles.

Me and Niece No. 2, Eliot (aka “Baby Sister”), pose at Bandera on Michigan Ave.

My wife Annie and my brother Brendan look precious.
That brings me to tonight, when Annie, Brendan and I will be going to see Death Cab for Cutie at Marquee Theatre in Tempe tonight; it’s a sellout (the show, not Death Cab). It was part of our birthday gift to B, so it should be fun. On that note, I recently viewed the Death Cab DVD Drive Well, Sleep Carefully. Part of the extra footage includes acoustic material from the Metreon in San Francisco. I ripped the audio into mp3 format for two songs. Enjoy.

Death Cab for Cutie | The New Year (acoustic from DVD extras)
Death Cab for Cutie | Title and Registration (acoustic from DVD extras)

2 thoughts on “Chicago recap / Death Cab in Tempe tonight”

  1. Hey man — welcome back from Chi-Town! looks and sounds like a great trip & visit (even w/out the help of ladybug, cee know & butterfly — i’m seein’ the dps (again) in Beantown on Thurs).

    i’ve been crazy busy & out of the city this weekend my own damn self, but . . . will be posting the previously promised booty tomorrow!

    — cheers

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