Del’s Leak Pack, Vol. 1

If it hasn’t been made abundantly clear throughout Del’s career at how prolific the man is, he’s offering more proof in the form of free downloads.

The granddaddy of Hieroglyphics is releasing Del’s Leak Packs, a series of new and/or unreleased material.

Del had this to say about the Leak Packs to HipHopDX:

“We make so much music that sometimes waiting for album to be released for folks to peep is too long. We may be on to something completely different by then and those tracks may not get used. So it’s good to leak ’em out so they get heard and people can have something in between projects.”

Gotta love it when artists embrace the power of the Internets, and I have lots of respect for Del for using this forum to help less-heralded artists earn some exposure. Here’s the tracks included in the first Leak Pack:

Del, 30 30
Chip Fu, MC Squared
Tame One (formerly of the Artifacts), Anxiety Attacks
Bukue One, Final Clues

Download the pack here.

  • Del the Funky Homosapien | 30 30

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